Our vision is to be an outstanding customer-focused enterprise that provides a wide portfolio of quality, modernized products to create a happy lifestyle for our diverse customer base.


During the later end of 2017, Yuling and Derrick, two individuals with truly unique skills and talents realized that they share a common passion for achieving customer satisfaction through the provision of modern and sophisticated products. Especially in the line of modern customer lifestyle culture, Derrick and Yuling believe that the right product can enhance the lifestyle of a customer and illuminate, happiness. YD Merchandise trading enterprises are the result of Yuling and Derrick pursuing to achieve that passion.
YD Merchandise Trading enterprises decorate themselves as a pioneer on being customer-centric to a large diversity of customers. Yuling and Derrick also share different ethnic backgrounds to professional experiences, but this has led to achieving success through diversity. YD trading enterprise is eager to learn and provide for every lifestyle and illuminate it into a brighter life.


Our goal is to provide outstanding quality products at the best price. Furthermore, we want to provide a satisfying customer experience in all aspects of the trade. Furthermore, we want to establish a global outreach program in order to create & support effective charitable organizations.


Yuling Liu

Operational Director / Marketing Manager