Our team of YD Merchandise Trading is comprised of two charismatic and talented individuals. These two individuals are the co-founders of this business venture which is focused on creating a better alternative for customer requirements of gaming products, sports, and outdoor goods, pet products, Garden and lighting equipment. The synergy created by these individuals is the underlying strength towards risks and challenges in the trade.
Yuling & Derrick initiated the business of YD Merchandise Trading to provide a dependable platform for any customer-centric requirement whilst accumulating quality and convenience at the best price.
Yuling is the operational director of the company and an industry specialist on E-Commerce for over 07 years. She has the passion and drive of the company. She is mainly in charge with business planing, Sales forecast, Web branding, Internet Marketing and Web analytics. She provides the direction of business and guidance to YD Merchandise Trading while Derrick is a managing director in Business with a sophisticated knowledge in IT, logistic, Market Trends and financial analytics.
Our team at YD Merchandise trading strives to provide quality, attention to detail and affordability in all of our products and we focus on persistence and dedication in our work ethic and customer engagement. We believe our passion, creativity, knowledge and hard work would allow us to retain, expand and explore new market segments business opportunities.
We take this opportunity to welcome and celebrate your arrival on our website.

Francis Derrick Sentuya

Managing Director / Logistic Manager

Yuling Liu

Operational Director / Marketing Manager

Augustine Matovu

Sale representative / Uganda